Fashion Friday – Crossbody Bag


I’ve been having a blast these past couple weeks joining in the Tuesday + Thursday #coasttocoastchallenge put on by Coast To Coast Central.  Yesterday, the challenge was the crossbody bag.  What I love about this type of bag is it allows me to have my hands free.  Moms like me appreciate being able to carry our purse around the park, shopping, walking the dog…and still have a free hand to hold our child’s hand.


When I thought about this particular fashion challenge, this dress came to mind immediately!  With my craving for the Fall season, I couldn’t help but jump to the opportunity to layer.  Which explains why this dress became a top, as well as the denim dress beneath it!  Without the jeans, this look would be completely different and more summer appropriate.   Utilizing elements from summer and carrying these pieces into the cooler months, I’m excited to begin transitioning my wardrobe.



I must mention the unconventional method I came to acquire this adorable bag.  What does one do with airline mileage that will not be used before the year is up?  Purchase items with points!  Thank you to my dear husband, for always thinking of me.

CrossbodyBag3Jamberry Nails Black Chevron and June Hostess Exclusive


Appropriate: Shopping or Lunch with Friends/Family

Affordable & Accessible:

Dresses/Tops: Marshalls (similarsimilar)

Flare Jeans: Target (similar)

Shoes/Mules: Michael Kors via eBay (similar)

Crossbody Bag: Michael Kors

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Manicure Monday – Mommy and Me

Mommy & MeJamberry Nails Teal Mini Polka and Vintage Chic

This Manicure Monday I am featuring one of my customers and her dear daughter!  (Thank you so much for sharing this sweet picture with me.  It brings me great joy!)

One of the best things I love about Jamberry Nails is that they make a product for little ones!  This creates a wonderful bonding experience for a mom and her daughter.   If you missed my post about Jamberry Juniors, you can read about it here, where I share my own experience with my daughter.

There are at least 10 Junior designs that will be discontinued at the end of the month.  See my previous post for the list of retiring wraps to make sure you stock up on your favorite designs before they are forever gone!

Have a wonderful week!

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Manicure Monday – Going, Going, GONE!

Jamberry Nails Northern LightsJamberry Nails Northern Lights

This particular design is one of my favorites, which is why I was disappointed to hear that it has been placed on the retired list of Jamberry nail wraps.  That’s right, at the end of the month of August, Northern Lights, and all of the wraps in the list below will be gone for good.  Get your favorites before it’s too late! here




Which designs would you save if you could?

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Manicure Monday – StyleBox by Jamberry

StyleBoxExclusiveAugJamberry Nails StyleBox Exclusive for August and Rose Gold

Remember my previous post on the launch of Jamberry Nails‘ new monthly subscription box, StyleBox by Jamberry? here

Well, I was super excited when my very first StyleBox arrived this past Friday.


The StyleBox exclusive wrap for the month is the orchid colored chevron pattern which I love!  This design is definitely my style and I couldn’t wait to apply them to my hands.  I paired it with one of my favorite metallics, Rose Gold.

Here are some things that I love about this monthly subscription:

1)  The exclusive wrap that only subscribers receive (it’s a great monthly surprise)

2) The $5 plus in savings, depending on your subscription.  Normally 2 wraps would cost $30

3) It includes the Jamberry nail file and orange stick to help with the application

4) The monthly style guide!

This monthly style guide is a nice addition for women who want to coordinate their manicure and pedicure to their wardrobe selections!  Giving inspiration and style options for ladies who want a “spring board” in picking the perfect outfit for a particular occasion.

I love that Jamberry Nails encourages women to embrace their own sense of style, as we are all unique; and to share how each of us style our StyleBox!  See how I styled mine on Instagram!

May you all have a wonderful start to your week!

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Fashion Friday – Wedding Wear


It was just about a month ago that we celebrated my mom’s wedding.  It was a beautiful day, filled with love and family memories.  Having the grand kids be the wedding party was highly important to my mom, and the focal point of my attention when thinking about outfits.  What I was going to wear to the wedding was an afterthought.

The afternoon we celebrated my mom’s birthday, we decided to stop into the local Kohl’s after the celebratory lunch.  When scanning the clearance racks unsuccessfully and ready to leave the store, I noticed this particular beauty hanging in a clearly mistaken rack.  After a closer look, I noticed that it was on clearance!  And in my size!  At that point, I knew that this was the dress I was going to wear to the wedding.



Currently, this is my favorite dress in my closet.  I feel completely feminine, and the comfort is amazing when worn.  The detail that can’t be seen in the photos is the sheath dress beneath the chiffon in a similar pattern, giving a layered ethereal effect!  Price?  Originally, $78.00; I purchased for $46.80.


Appropriate: Wedding

Affordable & Accessible:
Dress: Simply Vera Vera Wang Collection at Kohl’s (Petite) SOLD OUT (similaranother option)
Shoes: Seychelles via eBay (similar)

And of course I had to think about my manicure…

WeddingManiJamberry Nails Porcelain and White Romance

WeddingSistersMy beautiful sisters and I

(a special shout out to my besties as we all celebrated our birthdays this week…God blessed me with you both!)


Congratulations Mom & Jay!!

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Manicure Monday

RoseGold & GoldFishnetJamberry Nails Rose Gold & Gold Fishnet

For my accent, or statement, nail this week I layered the Gold Fishnet wrap on top of the Rose Gold wrap.  This is just one of the many wonderful features of Jamberry Nails!  You can personalize and create your own combinations with the 300+ designs that they offer!  Not only can your layer wraps, but you can also layer the clear-backed wraps over polish!!  Thus, making your Nail Lacquer last longer without chipping!

As a side note: I know my blog posts have been heavy on the “Manicure Monday” side of things, so I hope to sprinkle in the intended Fashion, Food, and Faith posts in the next few weeks.  Those of you that follow me on Instagram have a general idea of what my summer has consisted of this past month.  All blessings, as the Lord is at hand!  I’ve just been spending my time soaking in the days as they’ve been unfolding, enjoying time with family, and recharging for the school year ahead.

May you all have a wonderful start to your week!

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