Fashion Friday – Little White Dress

Little White Dress

The summer months bring out the dresses, and in particular the Little White Dress.  As with the staple Little Black Dress, it also can easily be dressed up or dressed down for whatever the occasion.  This is where your style personality can shine!  Add leather, denim, jewels, flats or heels, your canvas is set for you to make this look your own.

White Maxi Skirt

In my case, I do not own a white dress, but I do have a white maxi skirt!  Because I love getting the maximum usage out of my wardrobe, I thought to turn the skirt into a dress.  Add a denim vest, cinch in the waist with a rope belt, and complete the look with a comfortable pair of stylish wedges!  The creative options are endless when it comes to a Little White Dress!

Little White Dress


Little White Dress

Appropriate: Lunch with friends

Affordable & Accessible:
Skirt: Target (girls section)
Denim Vest: Forever 21 (purchased resale) similar
Shoes: Dolce Vita via Target similar

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Basic Denim

Basic Denim

Basic Denim

Basic Denim

Basic Denim

Basic Denim

Basic Denim

Basic Denim

Basic Denim

Basic Denim

There are key pieces to a wardrobe that can transcend the trends of time.  One of those key pieces is the denim jacket.  If I had to pick a few articles of clothing that were a “must have”, this would be one.  Another transitional garment is the black t-shirt dress.  Worn alone with sandals, layered here with skinnies, this basic dress can be a perfect packing item when you want various looks with minimum articles to pack.  Third, is the skinny jean.  Now this jean cut doesn’t seem to be heading out any time soon, as we see jeggings of the sort in all stores.  It is my go-to pant when heading out the door just out of sheer comfort and versatility.

When these pieces are all worn together it may just seem a tad boring or well, basic.  Add your personal touch with your favorite bootie or hat, signature jewels, plus that customized manicure and you’ve got a style you can call your own!  So all this to say, while basic may be basic…these pieces stand through the timelines, unclutter the closet, and serve as the backdrop to your creative styling!

Appropriate: Everyday

Affordable & Accessible:

Denim Jacket: Gap 1969 denim jacket (similar)

Dress: Short Sleeve Skater Dress – Mossimo Supply Co.

Jeans: Bullhead (similar)

Booties: Carlos Santana (similar)

Hat: TJ Maxx (similar)

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Fashion Friday – Crossbody Bag


I’ve been having a blast these past couple weeks joining in the Tuesday + Thursday #coasttocoastchallenge put on by Coast To Coast Central.  Yesterday, the challenge was the crossbody bag.  What I love about this type of bag is it allows me to have my hands free.  Moms like me appreciate being able to carry our purse around the park, shopping, walking the dog…and still have a free hand to hold our child’s hand.


When I thought about this particular fashion challenge, this dress came to mind immediately!  With my craving for the Fall season, I couldn’t help but jump to the opportunity to layer.  Which explains why this dress became a top, as well as the denim dress beneath it!  Without the jeans, this look would be completely different and more summer appropriate.   Utilizing elements from summer and carrying these pieces into the cooler months, I’m excited to begin transitioning my wardrobe.



I must mention the unconventional method I came to acquire this adorable bag.  What does one do with airline mileage that will not be used before the year is up?  Purchase items with points!  Thank you to my dear husband, for always thinking of me.

CrossbodyBag3Jamberry Nails Black Chevron and June Hostess Exclusive


Appropriate: Shopping or Lunch with Friends/Family

Affordable & Accessible:

Dresses/Tops: Marshalls (similarsimilar)

Flare Jeans: Target (similar)

Shoes/Mules: Michael Kors via eBay (similar)

Crossbody Bag: Michael Kors

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What to Wear and Tips on Shopping with Kids

MichaelKorsSince last Fashion Friday was a holiday and a manicure post, today’s will be a fashion post!  I love the feel and femininity of this Michael Kors tunic.  On a typical trip to Marshalls to find a gift, this top caught my eye.  Because I am a fool for tunics…I thought I would try it on for size.



It immediately got a permanent spot in the cart next to my son who was shopping with me.  On the occasions that I do go shopping, I take all 3 kids with me.  What?!  Am I crazy?  While I do like to shop without my sidekicks, it’s a rarity.  These kiddos keep me accountable (just ask my oldest daughter) and help me to make thoughtful choices with my purchases.  I feel that they too are learning how to shop and spend wisely.

Tips for shopping with kids:

  1. Have a purpose in mind when shopping.  You want to be wise with your time and be sensitive to the children’s attention span and their patience.
  2.  It doesn’t hurt to have healthy snacks on hand.  From when I only had one child to now with three, I’ve carried Cheerios to trail mix in my purse.  Sometimes you just need the extra few minutes to make a purchasing decision.
  3. Give yourself and your kids a timeframe and store limit.  And stick to it.  It can be easy to get caught up spending the day shopping, but not so fun for the kids.  Give yourself a time limit on your shopping…say only an hour or two.  Even if you are doing fun shopping that the kids typically enjoy (for example: Michael’s, my kids love this place!) limit the number of stores you visit during this timeframe.
  4. Set an expectation.  I remember when my daughter got into the talking age and she started expressing what she would like.  Some families allow their kids to pick out something when they shop, but I make this a rare occurrence.  I do remind my kiddos when we start our shopping time that they should not expect something to be bought for them, and remind them of the purpose of our shopping excursion.  If we do leave the store with an item for them, it is because it was purchased with money they earned, they received a gift certificate, it was one of the reasons we were shopping, or that rare occurrence to bless them.    

These pictures were actually taken while we were enjoying an outdoor mall visiting with my mom, uncle, sister & her kiddos.  Do you shop with your kids?




Appropriate: for an afternoon of shopping

Affordable & Accessible:
Top: Michael Kors via Marshalls (similar)
Jeans: Ross (similar)
Purse: Coach (gift from my husband)
Shoes: Target (similar)
Watch: Movado
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana via LensCrafters (gift from my husband)


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Fashion Friday


I love mixing high end brands with low end brands.  Not only can I have more versatility in my looks by accessorizing, but the high end items elevate the entire outfit.  For example, the classic maxi dress with a denim jacket!






These aviator sunglasses are Dolce & Gabbana, and are the perfect color of metallic for my skin tone.  This Coach bag is a beautiful classic that will never go out of style.  Changing out my purse to coordinate with each outfit has extended the life of my bags.   These functional items have truly become a key piece to accessorizing my ensembles.  Depending on the occasion, my bag will dictate what I wear.  Are you a bag changer?

Appropriate: for an afternoon of shopping

Affordable & Accessible:
Dress: Old Navy (similar)
Jacket: Gap
Purse: Coach (gift from my husband)
Shoes: Target/girls (similar)
Watch: Movado
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana via LensCrafters (gift from my husband)
Earrings: World Market (similar) (birthday gift from a friend)


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Fashion Friday


Distressed jeans have surprised me.  I didn’t think I would like them at first.  But I have grown to love this particular pair.  It all started at the Clearance rack at Target.  I spotted these for approximately $5.99.   I believe they were in the 75% off section.  Since the price was right, I figured I’d take them home and give it a try.  These jeans are currently my absolute favorite; not my Joe’s Jeans, not my Citizens…but Mossimo Supply Co. from Target!  What makes this pair number one?  Well, they meet two of my purchase requirements (Accessible & Affordable), they are super comfortable, and they are surprisingly stylish and Appropriate for a mom like me to wear.  They bring the fun and adventure to my otherwise conventional outfit.


One thing you must know about me, I am a bargain shopper.  It is on a very rare occasion that I will pay full price for an item.  I prefer to shop clearance primarily.

My clearance shopping mentality:

  1. Do not purchase an item just for the discount.
  2. Ask yourself, “Would I pay full price for this item?”
  3.  Or, “Would I be able to get this somewhere else for less?”
  4. Do consider purchasing an item if it is something you have been looking for or have been waiting to go on sale.
  5. Shop 50-75% off.  The 25-30% off are great deals and probably items still in season, but only make the purchase if you can’t wait for the deeper discount or believe it will be gone before then.


The place where I find the best clearance deals is Target.  Which brings me to my top for this particular outfit; it was a recent purchase for $11.48.  That’s right, my outfit (top & bottom) is less than $20!

Here are some similar outfits

POLKA DOTS, RED LIPS AND DISTRESSED JEANS - a house in the hillsa house in the hills

classic12.jpg_effectedsincerely jules


So, where do you find the best clearance deals?  And did you ever take a risk on a purchase to later find it was the deal of the “century”?  I would love to know!

Appropriate: for a Mom’s Night Out

Affordable & Accessible:
Top: Target (similar)
Jeans: Target (similar)
Tote: Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx
Sandals: Old Navy
Sunglasses: DKNY (2009)

 For more distressed jean looks: check out my pins on pintrest

Fashion Friday


Today begins another blog series!  How do you choose what you wear each day?  And how do you decide on a shopping purchase?

My take on fashion and how I make wardrobe decisions and purchases is based on my style being  “Appropriate, Affordable, Accessible, and Approachable.”  I’m not a fashion expert or professional stylist, but I do love helping others on various shopping quests and putting outfits together for various occasions.  It brings me joy to serve in this way!

This particular outfit would be considered my uniform on a typical day.  A t-shirt and jeans is my favorite combo.  To take it to the next level to feel a bit more put together, I’ll add an accessory or take particular notice to the cut of jean or have texture or pattern in my top.






Appropriate: for a fun day with the kids

Affordable & Accessible:

Tank: Paper Crane via TJ Maxx

Jeans: Old Navy

Sandals: Target: girls (old) similar