Manicure Monday – French Tip Layers

FrenchTipLayers3Jamberry Nails Tinsel Town, Black Tip and Fire Engine Tip

I just adore this festive manicure, and I thought to share this easy idea with you for the upcoming holiday season.


First, select the designs you’d like to use for your manicure.  Decide how you would like to layer your wraps.  Note, the bottom layer needs to be the “Mid” size while the top layer is the “Long” size tip.  Here’s a quick explanation on the various sizes for French Tips.


FrenchTipLayers1Apply the bottom tip completely.applying

FrenchTipLayers2Then, apply the top tip directly over bottom tip.


Finish the remainder of your manicure, and viola!  You have a beautiful custom manicure!  With Jamberry Nails numerous french tip designs, the combinations are limitless!! This is a great way to take advantage of the Buy 3 Get 1 FREE deal.Jamberry Sale

Don’t worry, there is no party to host or attend to purchase.  Just visit my website: and order directly!

Start shopping for your sister, BFF, daughter, teachers, favorite babysitter, etc… These make great stocking stuffers, and mail nicely in a greeting card without extra postage!!

photo 3Announcing the Joyful Jamberry Holiday gift set. $45

Set Includes:
1 Holiday Gift Box
1 Holiday Greeting Card
3 Exclusive Nail Wraps (sparkle, glossy and tint)
1 Application Kit

Jamberry Nail’s holiday shipping deadline is December 10th!  So make sure you get your gifts and festive wraps in time to arrive before Christmas!


***This offer ends December 10th

I love this time of year!  It’s a season of giving!!  Be blessed!

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Smith Ranch – An American Revolution Adventure


This morning we had Hasty Pudding for breakfast!  Why do you ask?  It was the influence of a wonderful field trip we experienced this past Wednesday.



I just love it when we can apply what we are learning to a hands-on experience.  Our recent field trip to Smith Ranch was perfect for what we are studying this year in Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations.

SmithRanch1We were greeted by Mr. & Mrs. Smith and their son.  They gave an overview of the Revolutionary time, with instructions for the children in responding respectfully to directions, “Yes, Sir.”  The group was assigned to a Company.  We were Company A…and the flag bearer was selected to lead us to each historical station.  My daughter was elated to be picked!  She sure was glad to be wearing her costume that day.



SmithRanch2The first stop, musket training.

SmithRanch3Next, learning how to make George Washington’s favorite breakfast: Hasty Pudding

Recipe: 1 part Corn Meal to 4 parts boiling water (add salt, butter, and honey to taste)


All the children really enjoyed this and asked for seconds!  My kids couldn’t wait to make it on their own at home.

SmithRanchboy1The next stop was crossing the frozen Allegheny River

SmithRanch4We then raised the flag at Fort Daniel Boone


SmithRanch12We discussed the Declaration of Independence, and then signed our own family documents declaring our freedom using quill and ink.

SmithRanchgirlAfter breaking for lunch, we rode the “Franklin Express”

SmithRanch6Where we saw this flying, and learned the brief history behind this flag.

SmithRanchgirl1We served on the USS “Patriot” and learned about the ship’s cannon

SmithRanchgirl2The children then danced the Virginia Reel


The dancing quickly ended because we had to defend and recapture Fort Daniel Boone!  As a result, there were wounded soldiers to bandage.


All in all, it was a wonderful trip and a great experience for everyone!  Our History and Faith go hand in hand, and appreciate the heritage of our great Nation!!  I would highly recommend visiting, and hope to go back for another American History Adventure!

Thank you Smith Ranch!!



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Manicure Monday – November StyleBox by Jamberry

StyleBoxNov2014Jamberry Nails StyleBox Exclusive November

If you participate in Jamberry Nail’s StyleBox this month, you are in for a real treat!  Both of the nail wraps that arrived are exclusive designs and won’t be found in the catalog.  The theme for the month is Vintage Vixen.  Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Twiggy…these designs have a modern retro vibe that I absolutely love!

Want to know more about StyleBox by Jamberry…see my previous post and take the quiz on my website!  These would make an ideal Christmas Gift.  With the monthly subscription, it’s a gift that will keep on giving!!


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Pumpkin Traditions

FamilyOct2014Every October the family visits a local Pumpkin Patch.  The kids look forward to the corn maze, hay ride, and picking out their pumpkin to carve!  Just another family tradition that I hope our kids will never tire of, and eventually carry on with their own families one day.



Oct2014dWhen we are ready to carve, we read The Pumpkin Patch Parable.  The kids enjoy every step, especially taking out the “gooey” and creating the pumpkin faces for the light to shine through.  Not to forget to mention, the delicious pumpkin seeds to snack on afterward!




We hope that you had a wonderful month of October with your families!  And we look forward to a thankful November as we reflect on all that we are grateful for; blessings big and small!

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