Stylebox by Jamberry

Move over Birchbox and Julep…make room for Stylebox!! If you love Fashion, Nail Style, and surprises…this is the subscription for you! Want to know how to rework your wardrobe? Want to learn how to coordinate and mix & match your collection of nail wraps?  Looking to start a collection of nail wraps?!! Jamberry is going BIG!!! Check out this video for more info:


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Me?  My style is:

styleTrendy“Bright colors, bold designs, and out of the box ideas are right up your alley! Whatever trend is considered ‘the latest and greatest’ in fashion, it can probably be found in your closet. Your fashion philosophy is ‘I’ll try anything at least once!’ Sometimes taking those risks pay off, other times you shake it off and try again tomorrow, either way it keeps your life and your wardrobe exciting!”


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