Manicure Monday – Sister Style Remix


It’s Manicure Monday, and Jamberry is extending it’s Black Friday offerings through Cyber Monday!!  And, when you order these designs, the proceeds will go towards Toys for Tots!!


So, every month there is an exclusive design offered by the Jamberry founding sisters, called the Sister Style.  Once that month is over, the design is no longer available for purchase.  But until December 1st, Jamberry is bringing back 12 Sister Style Exclusives, and when you spend $50 you will receive a FREE Exclusive Cyber Monday design!!


Now let’s take a look at these Sister Style Exclusives!!













Now’s the time to snatch up these beauties from the past, and help raise funds for Toys for Tots!

Buy 3 and Get 1 FREE





Fashion Friday – Fall, Finally!

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

It’s finally Fall in San Diego!!  We’ve had colder weather in the evenings, with rain some mornings, and sunshine in the afternoons.  Navigating these temperature changes throughout the day means wearing layers…and apparently mixed prints.  There will be a time during the day when I’m out in direct sunlight, and a striped tank with jeans will do.  But from the morning when I don’t need my coat, to the evening when I’m out at the soccer field and NEED it, I’ll know that I’m prepared for the day.  And when I say “NEED” it’s because it’s below 65 degrees.  I know, it’s just one of those problems about living in Southern California, we freeze at higher temperatures.  Oh, and yes, my jeans are pegged…a little throwback from my youth.  The mixed prints are just a fun way to add some personal style!  Have a fabulous weekend!!

Appropriate: Everyday Wear

Affordable & Accessible:
Striped Tank: Walmart
Plaid Shirt: H&M similar
Field Jacket: Levi’s similar
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Airwalk similar

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Fashion Friday – The Midi Boot

My favorite look from Isabel Marant Winter 2015 Collection

My favorite look from Isabel Marant Winter 2015 Collection

Fall is here, and it’s time to bring out the boots!  Remember the mid-calf boot trend?  Well, it’s back.  But it’s been renamed as the Midi Boot.  This particular boot has been the toughest for me to style, even back in the 90’s.  So, I’ve combed through images and pinned them as reference for when I get stuck or need inspiration: here.

I’ve also added some articles, since I’m no expert.

Meet the Midi—the Must-Have Boot for Fall

InStyle Editors Dish on How to Wear the Boot of the Season

I enjoy following the history of fashion, and re-inventing the wardrobe I have with pieces I love.  I went for a vintage take on this Midi Boot Trend.


Appropriate: Date Night

Affordable & Accessible:
Denim Dress: Gap (Vintage) similar
Striped Dress: similar
Shoes: Steve Madden (Vintage) similar

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Manicure Monday – October StyleBox

Jamberry October StyleBox

Jamberry October StyleBox

“You’re A Gem” with this month’s Stylebox!  October 15th is the last day to be able to purchase these exclusive jewel-tone looks that are perfect for Fall, and will transition well into Winter.  I can already picture Christmas manicures with the Trendy design!

If you’ve been debating about signing up, this is one you won’t want to miss. Remember, when you choose the 3 month plan, I’ll personally send you an extra sheet this month, 6 months (an application kit), and 12 months (a mini-heater)!!

The Trendy, Feminine, and Classic styles are based on the StyleBox Quiz.  These nail wraps are exclusive designs and won’t be found in the catalog.

Want to know more about StyleBox by Jamberry…see my previous post and take the quiz!  These would make an ideal Birthday Gift.  With the monthly subscription, it’s a gift that will keep on giving!!

Jamberry October StyleBox

Here’s my take on both the Trendy & Classic designs combined!

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Fashion Friday – White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day

Yep, I’m a rebel.  I’m wearing white after Labor Day.  But, if you haven’t noticed…I’m not the only one.  Why not continue to enjoy the extended summer weather and reflect its light in your attire?  I jumped at the chance to wear my new favorite top that I scored on clearance at Nordstrom Rack.  When I saw the airy flow of this blouse, I just knew that it was coming home with me.  And then I saw the flight of the beautiful birds as its pattern; I instantly fell in love!  Would you believe this was under $30?  I know, white after Labor Day approved!!  But for the skeptics, I added a bit of season transition into my outfit with suede booties to complete the look.

White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day

Appropriate: Everyday look

Affordable & Accessible:
White Jeans: Express (purchased on eBay) similar
Top: Hinge via Nordstrom Rack (clearance)
Shoes: Steve Madden similar

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Spring/Summer is Going, Going, GONE!!

Jamberry Going, Going, GONEToday is the last day to snatch up our favorite designs!  After today, there is no turning back…these designs will be g.o.n.e!  In honor of our Going, Going, GONE designs, I’m featuring my absolute favorite discontinued designs for Manicure Monday.

There are a lot of fan favorites on the chopping block.  Here are a few that I believe are worth mentioning.  Place your order today, and I’ll send you a FREE SHEET of Accent Nails from our NEW FALL Catalog!

Jamberry Going, Going, GONEJamberry Country Club, Zebra Tip & Good Vibes

Jamberry Going, Going, GONEJamberry Ditzy Floral, Boysenberry Tint & La Florita

Jamberry Going, Going, GONEJamberry Desert at Dusk (glossy) & Boysenberry Chevron (Matte)

Jamberry Juniors Going, Going, GONEJamberry Great Scott, Shark Tails & Star Crossed Confetti

I wish I could post all my favs, but these are just a few.  See the entire list here!

Jamberry Manicure MondayJamberry Rose Gold, Darkest Black & Mixed Signals

Here is my favorite #GGG manicure featuring my sister’s personal style combination of Darkest Black and Mixed Signals.  Don’t you think this would transition great into Fall?!

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Manicure Monday – Holographic

Jamberry Holographic

Jamberry Holographic Purple & Silver Crisscross

As summertime and all things fun must come to an end, so is Jamberry’s Throwback Thursday offerings.  These were retired designs that were brought back for a limited time!  And today is the final day to snatch up these shiny metallic nails.

Jamberry Holographic and Purple & Silver Crisscross

Both of these #ThrowbackThursday designs pair up nicely, but they also go great with numerous other nail wraps and lacquers.  Put your own combination together to reflect your personal style!  If you remember, I used the Holographic design as my Star Wars Day featured manicure in a previous post.

Jamberry #ThrowbackThursday

If you’d like to participate in a bulk order I’m placing today for my customers, please contact me.  You will receive yours FREE of SHIPPING (mailing within the USA)!!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog, so thank you for continuing to follow along.  I hope that you have been enjoying your summer as much as I have!

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