Manicure Monday – Sister Style Remix


It’s Manicure Monday, and Jamberry is extending it’s Black Friday offerings through Cyber Monday!!  And, when you order these designs, the proceeds will go towards Toys for Tots!!


So, every month there is an exclusive design offered by the Jamberry founding sisters, called the Sister Style.  Once that month is over, the design is no longer available for purchase.  But until December 1st, Jamberry is bringing back 12 Sister Style Exclusives, and when you spend $50 you will receive a FREE Exclusive Cyber Monday design!!


Now let’s take a look at these Sister Style Exclusives!!













Now’s the time to snatch up these beauties from the past, and help raise funds for Toys for Tots!

Buy 3 and Get 1 FREE




Manicure Monday – October StyleBox

Jamberry October StyleBox

Jamberry October StyleBox

“You’re A Gem” with this month’s Stylebox!  October 15th is the last day to be able to purchase these exclusive jewel-tone looks that are perfect for Fall, and will transition well into Winter.  I can already picture Christmas manicures with the Trendy design!

If you’ve been debating about signing up, this is one you won’t want to miss. Remember, when you choose the 3 month plan, I’ll personally send you an extra sheet this month, 6 months (an application kit), and 12 months (a mini-heater)!!

The Trendy, Feminine, and Classic styles are based on the StyleBox Quiz.  These nail wraps are exclusive designs and won’t be found in the catalog.

Want to know more about StyleBox by Jamberry…see my previous post and take the quiz!  These would make an ideal Birthday Gift.  With the monthly subscription, it’s a gift that will keep on giving!!

Jamberry October StyleBox

Here’s my take on both the Trendy & Classic designs combined!

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Manicure Monday – How to keep it looking “fresh”!

Long Lasting Manicure

Jamberry Nails Emerald Argyle and Gold Fishnet

     My early St. Patrick’s Day manicure from last week is still going STRONG!  They have lasted through dishwashing, bathing, countless washing of the hands, crafting, pulling apart Legos, and other daily activities that can wreck havoc on our hands.  So I thought I would share some tips on how to freshen up your Jamberry manicure (aka. Jamicure)!

10 Day Manicure

10 Day Manicure

With a watertight application, many have been known to get their Jamicures to last past two weeks.  But how do you keep them looking fresh?  By following these 2 quick steps, you can get that “fresh manicure look.”

Step 1:  Trim or clip the worn ends.  Jamberry nail wraps won’t chip, but they can show wear just at the tips if you use your nails as tools like I do.


Step 2:  File or Buff the tips in a downward motion to keep the ends smooth.


Buff Manicure

That’s it!  Depending on how quickly your nails grow, you can extend your Jamicure well past ten days!

Refreshed Jamicure

Refreshed Jamicure

I’ll be running a St. Patrick’s Day special starting today through tomorrow.  Snatch up your favorites in the new Spring/Summer Catalog!  Direct message me on Facebook for more details.


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Manicure Monday – French Tip Layers

FrenchTipLayers3Jamberry Nails Tinsel Town, Black Tip and Fire Engine Tip

I just adore this festive manicure, and I thought to share this easy idea with you for the upcoming holiday season.


First, select the designs you’d like to use for your manicure.  Decide how you would like to layer your wraps.  Note, the bottom layer needs to be the “Mid” size while the top layer is the “Long” size tip.  Here’s a quick explanation on the various sizes for French Tips.


FrenchTipLayers1Apply the bottom tip completely.applying

FrenchTipLayers2Then, apply the top tip directly over bottom tip.


Finish the remainder of your manicure, and viola!  You have a beautiful custom manicure!  With Jamberry Nails numerous french tip designs, the combinations are limitless!! This is a great way to take advantage of the Buy 3 Get 1 FREE deal.Jamberry Sale

Don’t worry, there is no party to host or attend to purchase.  Just visit my website: and order directly!

Start shopping for your sister, BFF, daughter, teachers, favorite babysitter, etc… These make great stocking stuffers, and mail nicely in a greeting card without extra postage!!

photo 3Announcing the Joyful Jamberry Holiday gift set. $45

Set Includes:
1 Holiday Gift Box
1 Holiday Greeting Card
3 Exclusive Nail Wraps (sparkle, glossy and tint)
1 Application Kit

Jamberry Nail’s holiday shipping deadline is December 10th!  So make sure you get your gifts and festive wraps in time to arrive before Christmas!


***This offer ends December 10th

I love this time of year!  It’s a season of giving!!  Be blessed!

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