Manicure Monday – National Coffee Day

MintGreenGoldHorizontalPinstripeJamberry Nails Mint Green Gold Horizontal Pinstripe & Mirror Metallic Gold

Reposting a past Manicure Monday in honor of National Coffee Day!  This is my sister’s lovely Jamicure.  I love how we can do our nails together inexpensively, get cozy sipping coffee, chat, and not worry about smudging polish or waiting for them to dry.  Never mind the bonus of not having to inhale or have chemicals on our nails!

Jamberry Nails has become a new fun hobby for me.  For many years I went without having my nails done or doing them myself because of time and money.  Now, I look forward to the 2 weeks these stay on to be over so I can change out the design!  I just love having pretty nails, and wished I knew about these amazing nail wraps sooner.  In addition, my manicure helps me to decide my wardrobe; I literally have inspiration at my fingertips!


Because of the change Jamberry has made in my own personal life, I decided to become a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant.  Was it also to support my new hobby inexpensively?  Sure!  But my desire is to also be able to introduce Jamberry Nails to other women like me, who would love to have beautiful nails.


I’m so blessed to be doing this business along side both of my sisters and besties.  We have a wonderful team who has caught the vision!  This ground floor company is an amazing opportunity with so much room for growth!  If you are interested in learning more about Jamberry Nails, or would like to know more about my personal experience and consider joining my team please contact me via my Jamberry website.

Have an amazing week!

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Manicure Monday – Bold In Color: StyleBox by Jamberry

Sept2014StyleBoxJamberry Nails StyleBox Exclusive September and Tribal Vibrance (past Sister Style Exclusive)

This month’s StyleBox Exclusive is a great orchid ombre!  A vibrant design that pairs nicely with multiple combinations depending on your personal style.  I put my own spin to this design by bringing in a Southwest influence that helps me incorporate more fall colors into my wardrobe.  We may not get a change of seasons here in Southern California, but I love the warm hues of Autumn!

StyleBoxSept2014The Happy-Go-Lucky design accompanied the StyleBox Exclusive wrap, and I’m saving that for a future post!

For more details on StyleBox by Jamberry, see my previous post here.  You can also read about my favorite aspects of this Jamberry subscription in my last StyleBox post!

Keep updated on how I styled my Jamicure on Instagram, where I join Jamberry Nails in sharing #StyleBox and #BoldInColor

Have an amazing week!

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Manicure Monday

IcyRosePolkaJamberry Nails Icy Rose Polka and Black Chevron

I absolutely love it when my customers and friends send me pictures of their Jamicures!  Thank you, Jackie!

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Manicure Monday – Back to School

AlphabetCityJamberry Nails Alphabet City (Sister Style Exclusive), Alphabet (Retired), Gold Streak (Retired), and Mirror Metallic Gold (layered under Alphabet)

There is a theme running through my household this month, and you’ve guessed it…it’s all about school!  So excited to start our Classical Conversations Class Days this week!

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Happy New (School) Year!

FirstDayofSchool2014With a new school year beginning, I feel that it’s truly my “New Year.”  Not January 1st, but the day after Labor Day.  On Labor Day we celebrate the end of summer, and gear up for another year of school, activities, and new routines.  We reassess our previous year, recommit to the new year, make small changes, and resolve to do better, be more organized, or take on more/less.  As I see my children growing and learning each year, I am thankful to be a large part in this portion of their life.  And I admit, it is tempting to wonder what my life would be like if I wasn’t a homeschooling mom…I mean, I did have a taste when my oldest was attending private school.  But, I had two other kiddos with me at home.  Still, I fully believe and know this is what I need to do; it is the place the Lord has led and confirmed.  I trust His will and obey, for He is good and His promises endure forever.  I have been blessed with a now 5th Grader, 3rd Grader, and Kindergartener.

My 5th Grader is growing into a young lady.  She loves volleyball, playing the piano, reading, and learning about bugs/insects.  She is a wonderful big sister and a great help to me.  I look forward to being her Classical Conversations Master Class Tutor, and serving in her Sunday School class at church.  I pray that we get to spend some quality time together as she transitions into the middle school years.


My 3rd Grader is hard working and full of energy.  She loves gymnastics, playing the violin, roller blading, and art.  She is as creative as she is active.  Her joyful relaxed spirit draws both her brother and sister close, making her an amazing big and little sister.  I look forward to seeing her grow in confidence this year without me as her Classical Conversations Journeymen Tutor (she had me for 2 years).  I pray that she knows where her strength comes from and continues to be brave in all her endeavors.


My Kindergartener is eager and full of excitement.  He loves Legos, music/dancing, riding his scooter, art, and playing Go Fish.  He is looking forward to learning to read and playing soccer this year.  He is a sweet little brother, and enjoys spending time with his sisters.  I am continuously amazed at how fast he is growing, and pray that he takes on new challenges with enthusiasm and a teachable spirit.


To an amazing school year! 

Joshua 1:9  “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”


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Manicure Monday – Jamberry Nails New Fall/Winter Catalog

Jamberry Nails Fall/Winter Catalog

Today is the day!  I’m super excited to announce the launch of Jamberry’s NEW Fall/Winter Catalog!  Take a peak through this video:

What I absolutely love about Jamberry Nails is they are continuously thinking of what they can offer the customer.  Jamberry has brought out so many new products and innovative nail wraps with this new catalog!  Here are some of my favorites:


New Nail Lacquer

New Mini HeaterA new compact and sleek look for the Jamberry Mini Heater

And last but not least, the Autism Awareness wraps for Juniors!!  This wonderful addition to the Junior line is a  great way to support this charity.  For every sheet sold, Jamberry will donate $2.oo to the Autism Society of America.


 Of course these aren’t all the new changes and updates to be found in the new catalog, but just a small highlight of my favorites.  There are many beautiful, new, and festive designs just in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!  Check it out!

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