Manicure Monday – National Coffee Day

MintGreenGoldHorizontalPinstripeJamberry Nails Mint Green Gold Horizontal Pinstripe & Mirror Metallic Gold

Reposting a past Manicure Monday in honor of National Coffee Day!  This is my sister’s lovely Jamicure.  I love how we can do our nails together inexpensively, get cozy sipping coffee, chat, and not worry about smudging polish or waiting for them to dry.  Never mind the bonus of not having to inhale or have chemicals on our nails!

Jamberry Nails has become a new fun hobby for me.  For many years I went without having my nails done or doing them myself because of time and money.  Now, I look forward to the 2 weeks these stay on to be over so I can change out the design!  I just love having pretty nails, and wished I knew about these amazing nail wraps sooner.  In addition, my manicure helps me to decide my wardrobe; I literally have inspiration at my fingertips!


Because of the change Jamberry has made in my own personal life, I decided to become a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant.  Was it also to support my new hobby inexpensively?  Sure!  But my desire is to also be able to introduce Jamberry Nails to other women like me, who would love to have beautiful nails.


I’m so blessed to be doing this business along side both of my sisters and besties.  We have a wonderful team who has caught the vision!  This ground floor company is an amazing opportunity with so much room for growth!  If you are interested in learning more about Jamberry Nails, or would like to know more about my personal experience and consider joining my team please contact me via my Jamberry website.

Have an amazing week!

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