Manicure Monday

RoseGold & GoldFishnetJamberry Nails Rose Gold & Gold Fishnet

For my accent, or statement, nail this week I layered the Gold Fishnet wrap on top of the Rose Gold wrap.  This is just one of the many wonderful features of Jamberry Nails!  You can personalize and create your own combinations with the 300+ designs that they offer!  Not only can your layer wraps, but you can also layer the clear-backed wraps over polish!!  Thus, making your Nail Lacquer last longer without chipping!

As a side note: I know my blog posts have been heavy on the “Manicure Monday” side of things, so I hope to sprinkle in the intended Fashion, Food, and Faith posts in the next few weeks.  Those of you that follow me on Instagram have a general idea of what my summer has consisted of this past month.  All blessings, as the Lord is at hand!  I’ve just been spending my time soaking in the days as they’ve been unfolding, enjoying time with family, and recharging for the school year ahead.

May you all have a wonderful start to your week!

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Help Make a Change with Allie Rae


I found this wonderful company through a fellow blogger, snippetswithalex, and had to share!  Introducing, Allie Rae, a footwear company with the heart to bless by developing sustainable communities in Honduras – teaching skills, creating jobs, and providing hope.

Please join me in supporting their cause…just take a look at this video to see their story and vision.

Not only do these sandals have a classic and stylish look, they offer the comfort many flat sandals are lacking.  Allie Rae sandals are hand-crafted with premium materials, utilizing patent pending comfort technology.



They are seeking the support of at least 10,000 people to donate $10 or more.  Will you please consider?  Would you like one of these sandals?  Pledge with me and spread the word!  They only have 9 days left to reach their goal!

To pledge click >> Here

Share with me by commenting below which style you’d like to wear!  Me, I’m stuck between the black one and the bronze with white!


Fashion Friday

052314dA hi-lo skirt, Ebay purchase, Mother’s Day gift, and AWANA.  What possibly do these four things have in common?  My outfit!

052314cThis hi-lo skirt has been waiting in my closet anticipating to be worn.  I knew that when I received this purse as a Mother’s Day gift (featured on my pintrest “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” board) this skirt was going to have its moment!

Viento Bucket Bag - anthropologie

Not only did the purse inspire me to wear my skirt, but it also was a perfect match for my Seychelles!  These shoes are where eBay comes into the picture.  Like many people, I was skeptical to purchase a pair of shoes on auction.  But because I knew my size for this particular brand, I felt assured they would fit.  When eBay said I won these puppies…I really did win, at over 75% off!  Don’t shy away from eBay if you are looking for a particular pair of shoes and can’t seem to find them anywhere.  Or think about this, did you ever own a pair of shoes you loved and wished you bought another pair because you were afraid they weren’t around anymore?  Check Ebay.  Surprisingly, people clear out their closet finding shoes they never wore but purchased thinking they would.
052314Now as I put my ensemble together, it was missing an accessory…enter, the owl necklace.  This necklace has an endearing memory associated with it.  My daughter used her hard earned AWANA bucks to buy me something special.  She memorized bible verses, prayed during club, participated, volunteered, etc. to receive these bucks.  I wear this necklace with great joy!  It along with my Mother’s Day purse indeed make me feel “Adorned with Blessings!”

Appropriate: for Church

Affordable & Accessible:
Skirt: Ross
Shoes: Seychelles via eBay
Purse: Anthropologie (gift from my husband and kids)

For more hi-lo skirt inspired outfits: check out my pins on pintrest

The “IF” Movement


This evening I attended my very first IF: Table gathering!  It was a blessed time among beautiful women filled with the love of Christ.  If you haven’t heard of the IF, allow me the humble privilege to introduce you to this divine online community.

Who are they?  “We exist to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose.”

From what I experienced firsthand at an IF:Table,  the Holy Spirit is leading and stirring the hearts of women to live the lives God created them to live!

Not only am I inspired to begin hosting an IF:Table.  I am moved to participate in the IF:Equip.  On Monday the 5th we will begin in the Book of Acts.


 All you need to do is grab your bible, a pen, and a journal!

Will you join me and other women in this movement?



Mother and Daughter Date Night

I had promised my sweet oldest daughter that we would spend a dedicated evening together.  So what did this tween want to do?  Get a pedicure!  She was thrilled that we were doing this together, and I delighted in her huge smile the entire time of pampering.

Mother and Daughter Toes

She is growing up so fast; we are already wearing the same shoe size.  Time sure flies by, and I treasure each blessing of a moment!


During dinner we read together Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola and discussed the related chapter questions found in The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood by Shelley Noonan and Kimberly Zach.  This was my favorite time of the evening when we shared with each other our dreams for our future, and the dreams that I had when I was her age.  It was a blessing that I found these used books at a local homeschool curriculum sale for a total of $7.oo, as the results are priceless!

An Unexpected Blessing



As part of our morning, the kids and I pray together for the Lord’s guidance in our daily priorities.  With this being the first week back to school after break, the momentum is slow to get back into routine.  In fact, we knew that some of our friends had this week off for Easter Break.  Because we homeschool, our schedule can be somewhat flexible.  Well…wouldn’t you know, that morning I receive a text from a dear friend from college who is camping at a nearby beach with her family.  She graciously invites us to join.  As I struggled with the thoughts of whether or not to put off school, I remembered the blessing of spending quality time with friends.  I knew that if we decided to go, we would have to make up our work the remainder of the week.  Would it be worth it?  Absolutely!  Hence, the above picture of the two of us.  Our kids had a blessed time together as well, and we enjoyed the beauty and wonder of our surroundings.