Mother and Daughter Date Night

I had promised my sweet oldest daughter that we would spend a dedicated evening together.  So what did this tween want to do?  Get a pedicure!  She was thrilled that we were doing this together, and I delighted in her huge smile the entire time of pampering.

Mother and Daughter Toes

She is growing up so fast; we are already wearing the same shoe size.  Time sure flies by, and I treasure each blessing of a moment!


During dinner we read together Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola and discussed the related chapter questions found in The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood by Shelley Noonan and Kimberly Zach.  This was my favorite time of the evening when we shared with each other our dreams for our future, and the dreams that I had when I was her age.  It was a blessing that I found these used books at a local homeschool curriculum sale for a total of $7.oo, as the results are priceless!


One thought on “Mother and Daughter Date Night

  1. So fun to read about your date night! I can’t wait to do a pedi with Samantha. Great idea to be reading a book together, with discussion questions. You’re such a good Mom! :)

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