An Unexpected Blessing



As part of our morning, the kids and I pray together for the Lord’s guidance in our daily priorities.  With this being the first week back to school after break, the momentum is slow to get back into routine.  In fact, we knew that some of our friends had this week off for Easter Break.  Because we homeschool, our schedule can be somewhat flexible.  Well…wouldn’t you know, that morning I receive a text from a dear friend from college who is camping at a nearby beach with her family.  She graciously invites us to join.  As I struggled with the thoughts of whether or not to put off school, I remembered the blessing of spending quality time with friends.  I knew that if we decided to go, we would have to make up our work the remainder of the week.  Would it be worth it?  Absolutely!  Hence, the above picture of the two of us.  Our kids had a blessed time together as well, and we enjoyed the beauty and wonder of our surroundings.



One thought on “An Unexpected Blessing

  1. I struggle with that too…knowing that homeschooling is flexible, but “should” I take advantage of that and go play when things come up. I have always chosen to go play…lol! I never like to miss out on the fun ;)
    So glad you were able to hang out with your friend!

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