Nordstrom Rack App


As of May 1st, Nordstrom Rack has its own App.  For all of you shop for less, name brand fashionistas, this is what you’ve been waiting for!  Browse at your leisure the latest values with the touch of your finger.  I’ve downloaded mine, now it’s your turn!  Also, HauteLook’s sales events are on the same app.  If you haven’t signed up for these exclusive sales, I highly recommend!  In recent years, I have become more of an online shopper.  One of the major benefits of shopping online or via an app with stores like Nordstrom Rack, is purchases may be returned or exchanged in-store at your nearest location.




The “IF” Movement


This evening I attended my very first IF: Table gathering!  It was a blessed time among beautiful women filled with the love of Christ.  If you haven’t heard of the IF, allow me the humble privilege to introduce you to this divine online community.

Who are they?  “We exist to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose.”

From what I experienced firsthand at an IF:Table,  the Holy Spirit is leading and stirring the hearts of women to live the lives God created them to live!

Not only am I inspired to begin hosting an IF:Table.  I am moved to participate in the IF:Equip.  On Monday the 5th we will begin in the Book of Acts.


 All you need to do is grab your bible, a pen, and a journal!

Will you join me and other women in this movement?



Fashion Friday


Today begins another blog series!  How do you choose what you wear each day?  And how do you decide on a shopping purchase?

My take on fashion and how I make wardrobe decisions and purchases is based on my style being  “Appropriate, Affordable, Accessible, and Approachable.”  I’m not a fashion expert or professional stylist, but I do love helping others on various shopping quests and putting outfits together for various occasions.  It brings me joy to serve in this way!

This particular outfit would be considered my uniform on a typical day.  A t-shirt and jeans is my favorite combo.  To take it to the next level to feel a bit more put together, I’ll add an accessory or take particular notice to the cut of jean or have texture or pattern in my top.






Appropriate: for a fun day with the kids

Affordable & Accessible:

Tank: Paper Crane via TJ Maxx

Jeans: Old Navy

Sandals: Target: girls (old) similar