Manicure Monday – How to keep it looking “fresh”!

Long Lasting Manicure

Jamberry Nails Emerald Argyle and Gold Fishnet

     My early St. Patrick’s Day manicure from last week is still going STRONG!  They have lasted through dishwashing, bathing, countless washing of the hands, crafting, pulling apart Legos, and other daily activities that can wreck havoc on our hands.  So I thought I would share some tips on how to freshen up your Jamberry manicure (aka. Jamicure)!

10 Day Manicure

10 Day Manicure

With a watertight application, many have been known to get their Jamicures to last past two weeks.  But how do you keep them looking fresh?  By following these 2 quick steps, you can get that “fresh manicure look.”

Step 1:  Trim or clip the worn ends.  Jamberry nail wraps won’t chip, but they can show wear just at the tips if you use your nails as tools like I do.


Step 2:  File or Buff the tips in a downward motion to keep the ends smooth.


Buff Manicure

That’s it!  Depending on how quickly your nails grow, you can extend your Jamicure well past ten days!

Refreshed Jamicure

Refreshed Jamicure

I’ll be running a St. Patrick’s Day special starting today through tomorrow.  Snatch up your favorites in the new Spring/Summer Catalog!  Direct message me on Facebook for more details.


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Manicure Monday – Ready for St. Patty’s Day


Jamberry Nails Emerald Argyle and Gold Fishnet

     I just couldn’t wait to get festive with my nails for St. Patrick’s Day, a great excuse to wear my favorite color!  You better believe that I will be wearing this design well into the Spring season as the argyle trend is popping up everywhere.  From socks to sweaters, skirts and scarves…why not wear it on your fingertips?  Notice the bit of gold at the end to depict the Pot o’ Gold!?

There are so many other fun combinations to get you ready by the 17th.
So be sure to place your order to get your designs in time for next Tuesday!!
Need more St. Patrick’s Day inspiration?  See some of my pins on Pinterest for nail inspiration, homeschool activities, outfit ideas, and home decor related to the holiday!

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Manicure Monday: Spring has Sprung!

Jamberry Spring/Summer     Spring has already sprung at Jamberry Nails!!  The new Spring/Summer Catalog has been released, and without disappointment reveals many wonderfully, colorful, on-trend designs that have us wishing spring was already here!

     Here are some of my favorite designs that I look forward to styling.


Jamberry Nails Edgy


Jamberry Nails Whisper & Grapefruit


Jamberry Nails Country Club in matte finish


Jamberry Nails Almond in matte finish

     Also, because Jamberry is always bringing something new to us, there are amazing nail care products to help make the removal, application, and up-keep of our nails effortless.  Introducing the Lacquer RemovalNail CleanserCuticle Oil Pen, and Cuticle Remover Pen:


     If you wish to have a copy of the new catalog in your hands please leave a comment below with your email address.


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Manicure Monday – Going, Going, GONE


     We’ve got less than 6 days to snatch up our favorite designs before they are gone for good!!  In honor of our Going, Going, GONE designs, I’m featuring my absolute favorite discontinued design for Manicure Monday.

     Oh how I wish I ordered more!!  Don’t let this happen to you.  There are a lot of fan favorites that are on the chopping block.  Here are a few that I believe are worth mentioning.  Place your order this week and I’ll send you a FREE SHEET of Accent Nails!!

GGG Blue

Jamberry Nails Berry Blue, Berry Blue Tip & Porcelain (see how I wore it)


Jamberry Nails Shoreline&Celebration, Casual Friday & Take Aim


Jamberry Nails Pomegranate Pop & Brown Giraffe


     Also, Jamberry Nails and Style Bistro are teaming up and offering a Garden Party for those participating in their #SipsandTips Contest.  Here is the link to how you can win!!  There are also some great nail inspirations linked to this hashtag, check it out!  Best of luck!

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Manicure Monday – Love, Love and More Love

LOVEIt’s already February!!  Time to break out the Valentine’s décor!!  Not that your heart isn’t already filled with LOVE, but how fun is it to surround yourself with all things lovey dovey?  It’s a great reminder to show love and express love.  So why not wear your heart on your nails?!

Valentine's Day

 Celebrating the night out with your significant other?  What about a bit of sparkle and a deeper red.  You can mix and match, or keep it subdued.  A great variety on one sheet.

Jamberry Nails Love SpellJamberry Nails Love Spell

Heading out on the town with your girlfriends, or staying in to watch your favorite chick flick?  How about a bit of sparkle or combination of chic white?

Melt My Heart


Jamberry Nails Heart Attack and Melt My Heart

Want to spend time with your daughters, and have some pampering time, expressing your love for them?  Try this adorable matching set!  Why not host a Valentine’s Day party and make it an afternoon Mommy and Me event?!!


Jamberry Nails Love Bug and Love Potion

I must also add that this Friday is Wear Red Day, a day dedicated to heart disease awareness.  Join in this cause and order your Heart Health Awareness wrap!  Jamberry is donating $2 from every purchase to the American Heart Association!!


Jamberry Nails Heart Heath Awareness

So, however you spend this month or Valentine’s Day, may you surround yourself with love and be love!!  For ideas in Valentine’s Day decor, outfits, crafts, and activities check out my board on Pinterest!


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Manicure Monday – First Frost

Jamberry Nails First Frost
Jamberry Nails First Frost

I had to post about this beautiful exclusive design before it was gone for the month!  I love the hint of sparkle and the clean look of the white nail.  This is a perfect design to ring in the New Year and transition into the spring season.  Also, this design is super versatile and can be paired with many other looks.  There are only a few days left to get this design, don’t miss out!!

First Frost

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Manicure Monday – 12 Days of Christmas

SweaterWeatherJNJamberry Nails Sweater Weather and Luna

It’s that wonderful time of year!  Get festive this season and be holiday party ready with beautiful and unique nails with combinations put together by YOU!  It’s no wonder why Jamberry Nails are on many ladies’ Christmas Lists this year; it’s an opportunity to fellowship with friends while doing nails together, gets your creative juices flowing, and a start to a new hobby!!


Also, for Manicure Monday, I am launching a 12 Days of Christmas special!!  Head on over to my Facebook or Instagram page to see how to win today’s FREEBIE!!

I love this time of year!  It’s a season of giving!!  Be blessed!

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